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Summers are hot and sometimes humid with abundant sunshine.Summer heat indexes can be regularly over 30 °C (86 °F) and occasionally as high as 37 °C during July and August. Brindisi and the mostly topographically flat Salento peninsula is subject to light winds during the majority of the year.The termination of the Via Appia, at the water's edge, was formerly flanked by two fine pillars.Only one remains, the second having been misappropriated and removed to the neighbouring town of Lecce.

Its industries include agriculture, chemical works, and the generation of electricity.Later Brindisi was conquered by Ostrogoths, and reconquered by the Byzantine Empire in the 6th century AD.In 674 it was destroyed by the Lombards led by Romuald I of Benevento, but such a fine natural harbor meant that the city was soon rebuilt.The Latin name Brundisium comes from the Greek Brentesion (Βρεντήσιον) meaning "deer's head", which refers to the shape of the natural harbor.In 267 BC (245 BC, according to other sources) it was conquered by the Romans.

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