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Starting with a budget of Brewer has used a variety of vehicles on Wheeler Dealers to travel to see prospective vehicles and/or tow them if they are not in running order or street legal.Brewer has used a Mitsubishi Shogun to travel around England since series 9 (2012).Starting with series 7, the format was changed to single 60 minute (including commercials) episodes. The costs, and thus any profit or loss for a given project, are assessed without consideration of the labour costs of the mechanic (the assumption is that a well-equipped and able enthusiast could complete all work himself) but if repairs require professional help, like body resprays, complicated electronics, or windscreen replacements, they are added to the final cost.Also addressed on each vehicle are its service history, bodywork defects (e.g. Vehicles that have either been inactive for long periods of time or purchased from outside the UK are restored and modified to pass the country's mandatory roadworthiness certification tests MOT test.In this episode, the Swedish presenters bought a Ford Mustang for 55,000 SEK.After having to refurbish the brake calipers, swap the engine and giving the car a new paint job, they were able to sell it for 135,000 SEK, giving them a total profit of 28,000 SEK. S.'s Velocity channel commissioned a series of one-hour Wheeler Dealers: Top 5 Specials hosted by Mike Brewer, featuring the top five vehicles of each genre Brewer and China have worked on during the first nine years of the show.Series 12 also introduced the brand new workshop back in the UK.In April 2013, a spin-off series titled Wheeler Dealers Trading Up was launched.

He's also responsible for procuring replacement parts and sometimes specialists to refurbish expensive parts.He explained that he chose to leave because he was disagreeing with the channel, which wanted to cut down his fixes in the workshop.As, since season 13 the show is produced by Discovery Studios, it would seem it found its production too expensive.The specials began airing 5 June 2013, on the way to a Top 5 Viewer's Choice finale on 3 July 2013.In this series made by X2 Productions Ltd, Brewer navigates his way through the culture and idiosyncrasies of the international used car trade, traveling to different countries.

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