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This occurs through the ways in which the sounds themselves are constructed (including the use of new technologies), through lyrics, through rituals of live performance (including the use of the body in performance), fashion, discourses about popular music, etc.The course will also examine the critical role of the mass media and the music industry in popular music.If you are absent for reasons other than medical reasons, for more than 5 days, or exceed 1 request per term, you MUST visit your Associate Dean's Office/Faculty Office).You may be required to provide supporting documentation.Required Text (please purchase at NOTE SATURDAY TEST TIMES Term test 1 Saturday, October 18, - am 25% Term test Saturday, November 22, - am 25% Listening Lab optional 0% Final exam (comprehensive, 2 hours), scheduled by Registrar 50% 1. Both the in-class tests and the final exam will ask specific and detailed questions about your readings, listening assignments and lectures; the two term tests will include recorded examples that you will have to identify and answer questions about.The format of the tests and the exam will be multiple choice.Course goals: 1) to gain an understanding of the formal construction of popular musics (including audio recordings, video, live performances) in order to appreciate how formal choices create and/or enforce social issues 2) to become familiar with the majority of popular music styles from the 1950s onward, and to understand how one style developed or deviated from another 3) to contextualize popular musics within the cultural politics of the late 20th and early 21st centuries and 4) to contemplate your own choices in popular music consumption and what social forces may be shaping these.for the course and you should listen to the music carefully in order to understand how it works (this will be discussed in class).

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the grade of zero on an assignment, loss of credit with a notation on the transcript (notation reads: "Grade of F assigned for academic dishonesty"), and/or suspension or expulsion from the university.

The University reserves the right to change dates and/or deadlines etc.

for any or all courses in the case of an emergency situation or labour disruption or civil unrest/disobedience, etc.

You may submit a maximum of 1 Academic Work Missed request per term.

It is YOUR responsibility to follow up with your Instructor immediately (NORMALLY WITHIN TWO WORKING DAYS) regarding the nature of the accommodation.

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