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So how did we go from that to the androgynous tailoring favoured by the likes of Cara Delevingne?'It is fair to say that the original Sloanes, like the Chanel brand, set the tone for timeless fashion that, like fine wine, never seems to get old,' says stylist Natalie Robinson.' In the original Sloane Ranger Handbook, co-author Peter York describes Sloane style as 'middle-aged fashion for young people'.

published an article in late 2015 titled ‘Money and the fear of death: The symbolic power of money as an existential anxiety buffer’, outlining how the accumulation of material capital acts as a psychological crutch enabling the accumulator to feel a sense of purpose and achievement that dulls the human condition of death anxiety.

However, some Sloanes who fit the millennial age bracket still adhere to the more traditional lifestyle.'The Duchess of Cambridge and her sister, Pippa, are more traditional Sloanes, who more or less fit into the 1980s rubric for defining a Sloane Ranger,' William said.

'They have modern, millennial tendencies but are more conservative in their choices - in the case of the future Queen, understandably and thankfully so.

Nowadays, given the astronomical rise of property prices, money is crucial - especially if you want to live in the traditional Sloane stomping grounds of Chelsea and Kensington.

'The cost of houses in and around traditional Sloane territory has risen astronomically. It is now more expensive than ever for Sloanes to be Sloanes,' William confirmed.

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