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That, coupled with a broader experience of midlife crisis that some experience—about their relationship, career, and sense of life purpose—can trigger a desire for looking outside the marriage for renewed vitality and excitement via a new partner.

Permanent Cohabitation and child-rearing without legal marriage.

One is what I described above, more specific to relationships among today’s era of midlifers.

But at the same time, the younger generations are showing more openness to and interest in a variety of different forms of coupling, emotionally and sexually. In brief, they include: Polyamory, or multiple partnerships at once.

Redefining the Family away from the traditional model in our society. Yes, some are even pushing the boundary to advocate legalizing polygamy as another acceptable form of relationship.

All of these shifts continue to penetrate the culture and likely contribute to an increased willingness among midlifers and aging baby boomers to try new forms of connection...outside of their marriages.

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