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However remember many of the ladies of the night in this city might be hookers.

There will always be prostitutes walking the streets of every city you go to, but the numbers across the globe are dwindling.

The simple explanation is that so many guys are meeting hookers online these days.

Why are you going to go drive or walk the sketchy areas of the city when you can just find a prostitute online?

Also meeting hookers online is become very popular.

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If you want to pound the pavement there are still some places to meet street prostitutes in Santiago.

There is good nightlife here so if you are going out to party you can have some fun that way.

You might be able to pull some non pro Santiago girls interested in foreign men from the clubs.

That means finding girls for sex in Santiago, Chile is going to be quite easy.

For a point of reference the US dollar is worth about 650 Chilean pesos at the time of writing this article.

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