Shania twain dating again

In the book Shania writes: 'I was disgusted that another woman's lust for a lifestyle upgrade was worth the devastation of my family'.

But in what has turned out to be a 'twisted' piece of irony.

“Both [of their] kids will attend both summer weddings, which will take place near their homes in Switzerland,” revealed the source.

“Everyone has remained on friendly terms for the children’s sake.

Mutt and Marie-Anne would give each other lingering looks. And his new girlfriend/rumored fiance, Marie-Anne Thiebaud: And Shania’s man.

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Now Shania Twain, 45, has recounted the moment she confronted 'the other woman' and said she suffered a panic attack when she came face to face with Marie-Ann Thiebaud.One detail I’d yet to hear about this is that Shania’s fiance and his ex wife have one child, a nine year-old daughter.Shania and Mutt also have one child, a nine year-old son.Shania and Marie-Anne's ex-husband turned to each other during their time of need, finding friendship which turned into love.The couple eventually married in January in an intimate beach ceremony in Puerto Rico.

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