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, helped to create an enduring legend that is still enjoyed by millions of people the world over.

Brought to Australia in 1962 to appear on television, she remained in the country and her award-winning career has encompassed everything from revue to Shakespeare, television and film.

In 1979 she was offered a thirteen-week role in the popular television series, Prisoner, and left five years later.

She got her start working for Crawford Productions.

Few women benefit from a stretch in Bridgewater, but Natalie Palmer, a heavily pregnant, young Identity Thief is determined to be the exception. Natalie can get anything in or out of the prison and has become Bridgewater’s main supplier.

The girls will be on screen nationally, discussing all things PRISONER and the upcoming Fundraiser Event for Audacious Dreaming with stand-in hosts, Amanda Keller and Jonesy!

Mornings With Kerri-Anne: UDT8 | CREDIT: STREAM/WATCH HERE FIONA SPENCE ("Vera Bennett") & AMANDA MUGGLETON ("Chrissie Latham")!

MELBOURNE WEEKLY (Melb) READ FULL ARTICLE HERE Colleen will be performing guest vocals, alongside master drummer David Jones, and his Heart ‘n’ Soul band in the Kingston Arts Centre Theatre on Saturday 29th October.

She’ll perform some of her biggest hits including ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ and ‘Superstar’.

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