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Not long after he split with his Good Will Hunting co-star Minnie Driver (some say they were still together), he took up with Winona in 1997 and the two were together for over two years.

Only a month after this here photo at the 2000 Golden Globes, the two called it quits. These two were so secretive in their short 1996 relationship they only made one public appearance.

We know how her dating story goes, as she went on to marry her co-star Ashton Kutcher and have a couple of cute kidlets. Keira was reigning belle of the screen and Jamie was just kickstarting his career as the broody boss that he is. This relationship was very controversial at the time, seeing as Good Charlotte rocker Joel was 26 and Hilary was a teenager at 16.

The two had a very high-profile two year relationship, going their separate ways in 2005. Still, they dated until she was 19, so there was obviously a lot of love there.

Especially when I was, like, such a mess.’ First of all, just look at that pantsuit. These two were an item from 1998-2001, which isn’t a bad stint when you’re young and hot in Hollywood.

However it wasn’t meant to be, with many believe January was talking about Ashton when in a 2009 GQ interview she described one ex that fit the bill as ‘not supportive of my acting…He was like, “I don’t think you’re going to be good at this.” So, f–k you!

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"Bryan loves what a natural beauty she is."The source added that the two "have a kind of love that's very old school" and that Randall treats her as "Sandy" not "Sandra the actress." Both Bullock and Randall have children; She is a mother to adopted son Louis, 6, and revealed in December she had adopted a three-and-a-half-year-old girl, Laila.

Randall has a daughter from a previous relationship."Her main love are her kids," the source told E! "She taught them to learn the value of a dollar and appreciate the small things.

Louis is the most well-behaved child and polite to other kids.

We remember the earth shattering love affairs – a la Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears – and we properly sobbed when Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mc Adams called it a day.

But so many other famous in love people flew under the radar. Oh, yeah – you forgot about that tainted love affair, didn’t you? Most of us know about Winona Ryder’s ill-fated relationship with Johnny Depp (the tattoo Winona Forever is etched into our brains for, well, ever), but a lot have forgotten about the love affair she hatched with a sparky young star in Hollywood – Matt Damon.

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