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Warning: Polygamy, and domestic discipline Since making their species known, vampires have been met with varying degrees of acceptance. When Edward opens up to her, their relationship takes a turn neither expected.But there are unknown dangers in a world where humans and vampires struggle to coexist, and it isn't always clear who the enemy is.When she figures out what they are, she decides to take a walk in the woods only to find her destiny in a wounded soldier, Jasper Whitlock. He loves nothing, and no one, although he does care about Peter and Char whom he lives with.She not only helps his physical wounds to heal, but helps to heal his heart as well. What happens when Bella is kidnapped by vampires, and the Cullens need his help to get her back?Not divorced, and yet not really married either, she tries to raise her two kids on her own.

Summary: Bella leaves Edward and reconnects with Jacob. How will Jacob protect Bella from Victoria's vengeance and Bella's promise to the Volturi to become a vampire?

And that he might be the only thing that can help her heal.

Edward is a sexy Bar Tender with a secret that makes him run at the first sign of trouble.

Having lost their home, their family, and friends, Daryl and Beth are forced to set out on their own.

The brutality of their world and their survival instincts will set them on a course to form a bond they never expected. They all do their own thing to get money to support themselves and make themselves happy, but money is not all what Isabella wants. What she didn't expect to find were three overprotective vampires, who all claim they want her to be their mate.

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