Perception online dating sexy camoflauge outfits

While there was deception at first, her match would be clueless to this.Additionally, an individual may perceive themselves to have an average body size while their match might perceive them as skinny or heavier than average.The “actual self” are the attributes an individual actually posses, the “ideal self” are the attributes an individual would ideally posses, and the “ought self” are the attributes an individual ought to posses (Ellison, 418).

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Strategic misrepresentation in online dating: The effects of gender, self-monitoring, and personality traits.

However, there are cases of blatant deception in online dating.

The same study showed that individuals that are “older than a natural breakpoint (i.e., 35 or 50) will adjust their age so that they will still show up in search results” (Ellison, 427).

However, communication through cyberspace only allows for written word communication.

Therefore, the way an individual is able to present themselves changes radically.

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