Patriotic dating sites

Miss O’Connor made the comments after she snared sexual offender Jason Sutton (48) on Grindr by posing as a 15-year-old ‘boy’.

Sutton attempted to meet the ‘boy’ in toilets near Patriotic Street car park for sexual touching.

”We say: Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame!

There’s also a cartoon depiction of two donkeys with the words “Keep your eye on the enemy!

Farmers Only makes a point of acknowledging the “traditional values” of farmers with a page titled Christian Dating, which says: “Those values that are cherished by Christians are often synonymous with those who toil the land to produce an honest day's work, and those who enjoy watching the sun set in a countryside setting.”ATHEISTS CAN’T ENJOY A FUCKING SUNSET.9.

Gun Lovers Passions They say: “Like to shoot stuff?

Transcripts of the explicit messages he sent the ‘boy’ were passed to the police and he was last week jailed after admitting the offence.

How long he will spend behind bars is due to be decided later this month.

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