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But then came those unnerving words, as the Drexel Hill-born, Monsignor Bonner grad serenaded Abdul: There is this girl I know, I follow her around She hasn't noticed me, it really gets me down.

These are two of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics used to treat UTIs.

The truth is, though, before antibiotics we had no real treatment.

Sicknesses resembling UTIs have been described in medical texts for thousands of years, by everyone from the ancient Greeks and Chinese to the pioneers of evidence-based medicine in the early 1900s.

It was all a joke, of course, said Marturano, who said his Catholic high school might be mortified to see him mentioned as an alum.

Also kidding was comic/Atlantic City social worker Milo Turk, who sang his "No Sex Allowed" on the show, and got the boot for being 39.

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