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Angelus Written by Wojciech Kilar Performed by Narodowa Orkiestra Symfoniczna Polskiego Radia w Katowicach (as The Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra, Katowice) Polish Radio and Televison Choir, Cracow Anton Wit, Conductor: Delfina Ambroziak, Soprano See more » I was hesitant to see this movie for the longest time.Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan in a romantic drama would seem to spell a movie filled with forlorn looks and sweet nothings whispered to each other.How to get there There are two ways to get to Jiufen.

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Touching date movie, nice discussion piece, and filled with attractive people, City of Angels is wonderfully shallow and surprisingly deep at times, making it well worth the watch.When the mines was shut down, Jiufen faced decline, with the town possibly going the way of forgotten settlements.That is until it was featured as location of the seminal movie “City of Sadness.” The interest came after the release of the movie saved Jiufen from being a forgotten town.The sheer amount of interesting concepts, combined with the ability to look at humanity from some distance, made this movie well worth the watch.If this film succeeds, and I believe it does, it is precisely because of the mixture of Hollywood gloss and original Wenders magic.

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