Mirroring behavior dating updating sony bravia firmware

Here are some of the major characteristics of today's alpha female:• She's strong-minded.If she's got a plan, she won't quit until it's the plan.• She'll take charge.

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Because of this, she may have to endure "bad mother" accusations.Her moxy comes from within.• She's not a stereotypical nurturer.She's got people for that.• She always has her eye on a prize -- always looking to the next project.She'll maintain ties that promote success, but will rarely form any type of relationship for the sake of love or comradeship alone.• Because the alpha female has difficulty forging strong personal bonds, she'll likely spend much of her life feeling lonely, even if she's surrounded with people. But even more fascinating than the locomotion similarity is the society model that the bonobo offers for alpha females.For these reasons, women throughout history have learned to stifle their alpha tendencies, in favor of more traditional, and safer, roles. You see, a bonobo tribe is led by the personality likenesses of Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Clinton, Dolly Parton, and Oprah Winfrey.

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