Margaux bossieux dating site

At the office Daniel was angry too and she recieved a letter from Conrad as he was suing them for libel.

Margaux had to fire Daniel to stop Conrad from suing.

In "Exodus", Margaux attended the wedding of Daniel and Emily and was in charge of overseeing Voulez's exclusive coverage of the big day.

Then at Grayson Manor she organized a photo session.

She used Jack Porter, who had an invitation to Nolan's Housewarming Bash, to ask Nolan about the cover.

In "Homecoming", Margaux gave the police photos from the wedding, but she kept the ones from the moment of the shooting to conduct her own investigation.She was angry when Conrad called a staff meeting at Voulez without her and when she confronted him he threatened that he would get her father involved.That made her suspicious and she asked Daniel about it.Jack visited her and noticed that Lydia was missing in the photos.Victoria visited Margaux asking for help, thinking that Conrad was framing her, but she told her that Lydia wasn't in the photos.

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