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Though most residents and members of the public remember and associate the council with such services and for good reason too. Doubtless, the above are very important tasks performed by the Colombo Municipal Council. Weeratunga was reportedly detained at the Dubai international airport when he tried to leave for the US, due to a warrant issued for his arrest.

(See below for list of schools) All schools will be reopened for studies on February 12. Feb 6 (DM) The SLPP said today it was confident of winning 225 to 250 LG bodies out of 341.Can you predict the outcome of the next election if we are given enough opinions polls and a sufficiently large computer?These are of course the sort of questions that might interest many people on the eve of a national election, in a country like Sri Lanka where political fever can end up in blue murder.36 of 1987, which established the Securities Council and identified its objects as being (a) the creation and maintenance of a market more..Feb 7 (DN) The 1978 Constitution declares in Article 3 that in the Republic of Sri Lanka sovereignty is in the people and is inalienable.

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