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Jasper Ware is also famous for the bas relief applied to the sides, often in imitation of classical Greek motifs.

Jasper Ware has been in production for over 200 years, and in that time the methods of production have remained virually unchanged.

Today Queens Ware is highly collectable and very affordable.

In 1768 Wedgwood developed a fine black porcelain called Black Basalt.

The original manufactory was a pioneer of new products such as those modelled by William Greatbach, and those coloured with lead glazes developed by Josiah Wedgwood during his partnership with the Staffordshire potter Thomas whieldon.

Wedgwood developed creamware, known as Queen’s Ware in honour of Queen Charlotte, that rivalled porcelain throughout Europe in the 1760s and 70s and competed with the endless supplies of chinese export porcelain.

Francis Wedgwood (1800-1880) son of Josiah II, a partner from 1827 and sole proprietor following his father’s death until joined by his own sons.

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It was widely copied and it exported all over Europe and the USA.

The company’s success in the 18th C carried through into the 19th C, when the emphasis shifted from handcrafted pottery to the production of bone china and majolica.

Wedgwood 20th C designers included Keith Murray, CFA Voysey and Eric Ravilious.

Jasper can be almost any colour, although the most famous examples are are pale or dark blue and white.

The new material was used in an astonishing array of objects, including, of all things, a grand piano.

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