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This is Josh’s 1960 Fender Stratocaster he coined “Dashiell” after RHCP drummer Chad Smith’s son because he bought this 6-string at Chicago Music Exchange the same week he was born in 2012.

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Interestingly enough, the headstock says Fender, but inside the upper f-hole their rests a Gretsch label.

When we met with RHCP guitarist Josh Klinghoffer in the summer of 2012, his pedal rig was one of the largest, most sprawling we’d ever seen.

Ian believes Fender built this for a NAMM show because it has a worn sunburst finish on the guitar’s neck, possibly making it a one-of-a-kind instrument.

Ian had to use a Dremel tool to route out the back cavity for more room for the trem block.

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