Dating sarah is not like dating liz

No food in packets full of additives, processed sugars, salts and fats.

That is why Eat Real and Heal was founded 4 years later as Liz and Sarah’s professional relationship and later friendship grew into a desire to help others change their lives and spread the message in an accessible way for normal people leading busy lifestyles.My poor hubby was somewhat traumatized by our first son’s labor and birth in which I had been induced with pitocin.This time around I was determined to have a different birth experience and I did!She also helps those exercising and playing sports to maximise their nutrition for performance. I had been having problems with my stomach for months and was getting to the end of my tether.She patiently and knowledgeably advised me to avoid certain foods and planned out a healthy daily diet plus a course of supplements to help heal my gut and build my strength back up.

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