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" at Oasis El Nooki, the Sheikh is holding his sword on his hip with his left hand, but in the next shot he is now clutching his whip with both hands.

Add time When Sergeant Nocker releases the horses from the post at Oasis El Nooki, the grey horse he releases last starts to gallop off into the distance, but in the next shot the horse is back at the post again.

Dale swore it was accidental but Williams insisted in his autobiography that it was deliberate.

Co-directed by a native Mongolian Byambasuren Davaa and Italian born Luigi Falorni the story of The Weeping Camel is set entirely during spring time in the Gobi desert of south Mongolia.

Add time During the attack on Fort Zuassantneuf, Commandant Burger has a monocle over his right eye. " his monocle has disappeared, but a few shots later it has re-appeared.

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Add time When Sergeant Nocker goes over to Corktip's house, he is wearing his medals.

But when he is taken to the Oasis El Nooki he has no medals on him, and when he returns to the base after running away from his captors, the medals have reappeared.

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Apparently she had this friend who works for a UN sponserd orgnaization in Saudi, and who was working on getting the Saudis to grant approval for government-sponserd dirstribution to sexual contraceptives in order to combat STD's in Saudi.

This unique feature film sits somewhere between a documentary and docudrama.

Concentrating on one nomadic family who live a simple and peaceful life in tune with their environment.

Camel warfare continued through the 20th century—and they fought in some pretty surprising places.

In March 1855, the US Congress passed the Shield Amendment, a bizarre bill which provided ,000 for the War Department to buy camels.

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