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Check out the tips for taking the taxi safely underneath.

Always make sure in which currency they are giving the price. To get from Lima Airport to Miraflores, you can use the official airport bus service, Airport Express Lima.

When shopping, the district is good for original paintings, antiques (Av. For this reason, there is widespread poverty in the city center and in the peripheral areas.

Lima's pre-Hispanic and colonial architecture is beautiful and the city has several museums (such as the Museo Larco) that tells the story of a country with a long history that produced a large number of coastal and Andean civilizations (such as the Moche, Chavin, and the Incas) and many local cultures.

Due to congestion, the airport often does not assign gates to flights until less than two hours before departure.

Be wary of taxi drivers at the airport: if you need transportation from the airport you should avoid using the informal taxis outside that will accost you.

The cold sea current that passes Peru's long coast makes the sea very rich in fish and seafood.

The following pages include the province of Callao and the province of Lima and their districts Central Lima Also known as the "Lima District" (distrito de Lima) Includes the Centro Histórico, Plaza Mayor (Plaza de Armas) and Plaza San Martín, churches, colonial architecture, the presidential palace, congress, and shopping streets. Miraflores An upscale touristy neighborhood with restaurants, nightlife, and hotels. Main travel agencies, major hotels, airlines offices and foreign embassies are located here. Southern Lima A large area containing the districts of San Borja, Santiago de Surco, San Juan de Miraflores, Villa María del Triunfo, Villa el Salvador, Pachacamac, Lurín, Punta Hermosa, Punta Negra, San Bartolo, Santa María del Mar and Pucusana. Many of these people have migrated from the Andes mountains to find work in Lima, without success.

The area immediately outside of customs is typically crowded, full of people waiting for arriving passengers.You can buy tickets at the two airport desks (domestic arrivals and international arrivals) or book online.If you are going to the airport, you can also pay on the bus.The soft winter rain (llovizna) doesn't fall hard, but it gets everything damp.Temperatures also fall to around 11-19 C⁰ (45-55⁰ F), which seems chillier when combined with the general dampness.

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