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That same year the Choctaw tribe made Ireland’s president, Mary Robinson, an honorary chief.  The photo at the beginning of this article depicts the Famine Memorial in Dublin today near the docks.I used to have a friend who loved his cats, but he didn’t like it when they slept between he and his wife because they would pull the covers off of both of them.

For example, in March of 1847, at the time of the Choctaw donation, 734,000 starving Irish people were forced to labor in public works projects in order to receive food.

Despite their meager resources, they collected 0 and forwarded it to a U. Just 16 years before, in 1831, the Choctaw Indians were forcibly removed from their ancestral lands in Mississippi to what is now known as Oklahoma on a forced march known as the Trail of Tears. As many as a quarter of the Irish population either starved or immigrated under the worst of circumstances.

Many of those who left Ireland never arrived at their destination.

In honor of the special guests, the organizers (Action From Ireland, or AFRI) named the march The Trail of Tears.

Two years later, two dozen people from Ireland came to the U. and retraced the 500-mile Trail of Tears from Oklahoma to Mississippi.

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