Adult cameras

Ben: As Phoebe can’t yet read, she didn’t even look at the instructions and just got stuck in, but it was pretty easy for her to find her way around the camera.

The controls and menus were intuitive enough that the instructions were barely necessary. Florence: I liked the function that let you make an animation by taking lots of pictures that were slightly different.

I’m talking about the hair, not the legal troubles.

Here’s Jenna Jameson out celebrating her 39th birthday, and it looks like we finally found someone who makes Miley Cyrus’ hair look normal.

A different month, different neon hair color for Jenna Jameson.

But at least one thing’s the same, that cleavage of hers is still working.

The Showcam has more than 50 effects to add to your photographs. How easy was it to set up the camera ready for use? Katie: The pictures weren't very clear in the viewfinder. Yes, because it came with a neck strap and a specific mould for your hand. Yes, because you had to work to take the photo so it was more satisfactory. Yes because it had a retro style, which is very fashionable at the moment What kinds of things did you try to photograph? How did you find it not being able to see the photographs immediately? Some of them looked nice with such a wide view however the flash wasn’t bright enough to be able to see in the dark. It takes video as well as photographs, and has a variety of editing enhancements, such as frames, stamps and effects, as well as an animation maker and voice recorder.

Camcorders capture the action as it happens, whether it is a child's first birthday party, the wedding of close friends or a happy day at the beach. The factors to consider regarding camcorders include resolution, media format, size and features.Tested by Florence, 9 and Phoebe, 3, with father Ben What do you like about photography? Florence: I like to photograph people doing funny things – like my baby brother making a mess when he eats. How easy was it to set up the camera ready for use?Florence: I like it because you can capture memories. Florence: You just pressed the “on” button and it was obvious how it worked.I had worried that these were unnecesary gimmicks that would distract her from the main business of taking pictures, but in retrospect they served more as aids to help her engage with the camera, which can only be a good thing in the long run. Ben: I wasn't convinced that we would want to take any of the pictures off the camera and save for posterity -- nor that they would be great quality if printed off.Were there things you didn't like about the camera? I would have preferred it to have been a bit smaller. Ben: Bit garish and plasticky for adult eyes, but Phoebe liked it. When the memory got full, we simply deleted all pics and started again. Florence: An animation of a Lego figure which looked like my grandma. Ben: Thanks to easy auto focus and exposure, pictures were sharp and resolution high. Oscar: One of the blue sky, even though it was just plain blue.

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