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Therefore, the abandonment of the SAW in favor of the much more efficient automatic rifle would result in substantial reductions in weight carried, while maintaining effectiveness through much greater precision of fire and much more judicial application of the fully automatic fire mode.Further, although the average weight increase is 3 kg, the local weight increase for the automatic rifleman alone is far higher, especially when the weapon itself is considered.

Exposed belts drag in debris from the environment, open bolts and open top covers (necessary when reloading) allow dust and filth into the weapon’s chamber.Like the proverbial herd of buffalo, a squad can only move as fast as its slowest member.In the video below, a USAF JTAC engages the enemy with a 7.62mm Mk. Note the large amount of downtime of the weapon during reloading, and how difficult it is for the gunner administer the weapon by himself in combat. Fundamentally, the belt-fed SAW is a volume of fire weapon which achieves target suppression via probability.Put simply, more bullets flying means a higher chance to hit, and a higher chance to get close enough to keep the bad guys’ heads down.

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