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SAAO staff papers that are in press or recently published. Contact the librarian at SAAO ([email protected] – email), for further information. H., Koen, C., Marang, F., van Wyk, V., Bennett, S., 2014. the relation between abundance distributions and surface brightness profiles. L., Sullivan, T., Kilkenny, D., Fraga, L., Sefako, R., 2013. Stellar Pulsations: Impact of new instrumentation and new insights, Astrophysics and Space Science Proc. Properties of the most metal-poor gas-rich LSB dwarf galaxies SDSS J0015 0104 and J2354-0005 residing in the Eridanus void. On the absence of the usual weak-field limit, and the impossibility of embedding some known solutions for isolated masses in cosmologies with f(R) dark energy.

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S., Wilkinson, M., Lochner, W., Browne, K., Wiid, E., Van den Berg, R., 2016. A., Booth, J., Doss, D., Loubser, E., O’Connor, J., Sass, C., Sickafoose, A., Worters, H., 2016. Re-aluminising the primary mirror of the South African Astronomical Observatory”s 74-inch telescope. SALT tracker upgrade utilizing aerospace processes and procedures. Using the Greenbank Telescope with Gravitational Lensing and the VLA to search for HI Beyond z=0.25. Wavelength calibration of a high resolution spectrograph with a partially stabilized 15-GHz astrocomb from 550 to 890 nm. J., Rabe, P., Wilkinson, M., Moore, V., Malan, A., Love, J., Koeslag, A., 2017. Simultaneous optical/X-ray study of GS 1354-64 (=BW Cir) during hard outburst: evidence for optical cyclo-synchrotron emission from the hot accretion flow. Hunt, Lucas; Pisano, Daniel J.; Crawford, Steve; & other 1 author from 2 insititutions, 2017. A radial velocity survey for post-common-envelope Wolf-Rayet central stars of planetary nebulae:first results and discovery of the close binary nucleus of NGC 5189. H., Romero-Colmenero, E.,|Vaisanen, P., Maartens, D.

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